Christmas exchange from Marl

I received my exchange on Tuesday. I got more stash....yeyah!  Lol. Thank you Marlene! Does take a long time to get mail from Canada. I know what I sent her took like 2 Weeks or so :/


New pic of me

I do not like to take pictures of me. So here is one of me at work. :)

Tweety bird

I made this Tweety angel to send in a Christmas card for a lady on my CAU list. This is the first year I signed up to do cards. My girls are going to help me. They have read some if the stories and realized they have it realy good. I think maybe now they will appreciate what they have just a little more.


RAK from Santa

I received this package today. Shirley from Crafters Among Us from one of the Yahoo groups I am a member of sent me a Christmas package. I am so excited!  I recieved a christmas book, 3 Christmas kits, 2 packs of white , 1pack of green, and 1 of red Aida. I also received a pack of perforated canvas Aida. I have never used that kind so this is extra cool. I want to say thank you; thank you so very much!!!  Merry Christmas!


Floss from Sharon

Im in the floss swap group and I received these from Sharon. Love the colors! This is also my first Christmas card. :)


Floss exchange

Im in a floss exchange group. I received floss from Elaine :)  She sent me 3 variegated colors and a color alphabet chart. I love variegated floss! Thanks so much!!


Christmas finish

Here's a piece I did on linen :/ and it turned out OK. I am not a fan; I so prefer Aida. I'm gonna find a pretty frame for it today. I worked on this during Dr. Appts and stitched it up quick. I think it was just a couple hours total.