Holiday shopping

So this year I went out shopping on Black Friday. I only went to Bealls. I love that store. With coupons and all the sales I managed to get Nike's and Filas for me, Fila's for Isaac, Nike's for Jaqi, 2 pairs of Reebok's for Anna, and a bunch of sandals for Belle. I also bought so much close. I am done with all the shopping except for getting toys for my girls. With everything I bought I only spent $171.34!! The shoes only came out to $6 - $15 a piece. Did anyone else get any good deals?? How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was good. Spent it with my mom and my girls and 2 of my brothers and their families. Oscar had to work so he couldn't come. My daughter Natalie decided to spend the day with her dad's side of the family. I missed her and Adriana but we still had a good time. Pictures will be up soon. More good news :) I also bought myself. A new phone! Its an ATRIX and so far I really like it. It's way better than my old phone! Lol. I got this on a good deal too. It was inly $199, which us awesome considering its a $600 phone. So all in all I've gotten some excellent deals. Well I'm gonna go to bed. Its getting late.


  1. That sounds like a great shopping trip, to get all those shoes! I went with my daughter on Black Friday just to save her place in line while she shopped.

  2. LOl thats funny. There was a lady standing in the parking lot saving a spot for whoever she was with. I had never seen that before. I was cracking up. I'd be scared to do that, cause people around here drive kinda crazy in the parking lots.

    Did y'all get any good sales?