Christmas exchange from Marl

I received my exchange on Tuesday. I got more stash....yeyah!  Lol. Thank you Marlene! Does take a long time to get mail from Canada. I know what I sent her took like 2 Weeks or so :/


New pic of me

I do not like to take pictures of me. So here is one of me at work. :)

Tweety bird

I made this Tweety angel to send in a Christmas card for a lady on my CAU list. This is the first year I signed up to do cards. My girls are going to help me. They have read some if the stories and realized they have it realy good. I think maybe now they will appreciate what they have just a little more.


RAK from Santa

I received this package today. Shirley from Crafters Among Us from one of the Yahoo groups I am a member of sent me a Christmas package. I am so excited!  I recieved a christmas book, 3 Christmas kits, 2 packs of white , 1pack of green, and 1 of red Aida. I also received a pack of perforated canvas Aida. I have never used that kind so this is extra cool. I want to say thank you; thank you so very much!!!  Merry Christmas!


Floss from Sharon

Im in the floss swap group and I received these from Sharon. Love the colors! This is also my first Christmas card. :)


Floss exchange

Im in a floss exchange group. I received floss from Elaine :)  She sent me 3 variegated colors and a color alphabet chart. I love variegated floss! Thanks so much!!


Christmas finish

Here's a piece I did on linen :/ and it turned out OK. I am not a fan; I so prefer Aida. I'm gonna find a pretty frame for it today. I worked on this during Dr. Appts and stitched it up quick. I think it was just a couple hours total.


Holiday shopping

So this year I went out shopping on Black Friday. I only went to Bealls. I love that store. With coupons and all the sales I managed to get Nike's and Filas for me, Fila's for Isaac, Nike's for Jaqi, 2 pairs of Reebok's for Anna, and a bunch of sandals for Belle. I also bought so much close. I am done with all the shopping except for getting toys for my girls. With everything I bought I only spent $171.34!! The shoes only came out to $6 - $15 a piece. Did anyone else get any good deals?? How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was good. Spent it with my mom and my girls and 2 of my brothers and their families. Oscar had to work so he couldn't come. My daughter Natalie decided to spend the day with her dad's side of the family. I missed her and Adriana but we still had a good time. Pictures will be up soon. More good news :) I also bought myself. A new phone! Its an ATRIX and so far I really like it. It's way better than my old phone! Lol. I got this on a good deal too. It was inly $199, which us awesome considering its a $600 phone. So all in all I've gotten some excellent deals. Well I'm gonna go to bed. Its getting late.



I finally finished the cherub for my ma. Now I just need to find a pretty frame. I hope she likes it!


Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphona society 11/12

Can everyone please make a small donation to help us out for our walk on 11/12. This for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. As many of you know my oldest daughter has been been afflicted with disease for almost 5 years now. Please help us raise funds for this organization. We will also be selling candy and other stuff to raise funds. If you can not donate we ask that you please join us for the walk. If you have any questions please email me.




This is what my finished cherub is supposed to look like.

Cherub update

I have been working on the cherub, a little here and a little there. How does it look?


Jaqi's b'day

My baby ur growing up :'(
She is 7 now. As you can see I got her with the cake :). She was so not expecting that. Lol.

Girl Scout bout tour

So last week my girls went with their troop for a boat tour. We had a blast. I was able to take the day off work. So need it before school starts. Here are a few pics.


Clearwater beach

Summer is coming to an end. We are all excited for school to start again. Yes, even my girls. They miss their friends.
We went to the beach, they have what's called Sunsets at the pier. There are booths set up along the pier. There were some cool things for sale. Mu phone was dying so I couldn't take any pics. I posted pics of my girls earlier in the day. We are going back this weekend . :) Yeyahhhh, I had a blast


Bird House

So today my girls and I decided to make a birdhouse. It is so cute. We worked with what we had. I hope one of the many cardinals we have flying around decides to make it a home. I'm so excited :)


Happy Monday everyone! I'm here at work catching up on emails. I did alot of stitching this weekend. I'll post later today.

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T


Happy Belated 4th of July !

Good afternoon,

Happy belated 4th of July. I hope everyone had a good holiday. Can you believe the year is half over? OMG, my girls were starting to make their Christmas lists already. Gotta start looking for sales. I am still working on my cross stitching. When I get my phone back I am gonna post ics of my progress. I'll be around..


Its hot, hello y'all :)

Im here at working working on payroll, I am taking a 15 min break. Need to catch up on some personal stuff for a few. I am trying to sell my car. I posted an ad on Craigslist. My phone has been blowing up. Theres someone coming to see it in a few minutes. My mom is gonna do the wheeling and dealing, lol. I hate dealing with people, im not a very good negotiater


Merry Kissmas

This is a cross stitch pattern I did for my good friend Olga. I actually made this last christmas, but I forgot I had this picture. I love to cross stitch. Clears my mind. I am working on a blanket for my granddaughter right now. I have been working on it for over a year... YOWSSSSSERSSSS.... I know a long time... lol..and I have hardly gotten anything done on it.

My Girls

These are my 3 youngest daughters...they are so crazy... having fun on the horses...I didn't even put any money in..the customers coming out the store were cracking up.. LOVEEEEEEEEEE my girls

1st post.... don't know what to say

well, im sitting here at work....have alot to do, I am so not supposed to be on here...my cell phone is dying... this is the 1st post I have made..not exactly sure how this work...hopefully someone can help me out :) ..... or I'll figure it out as I go...

my girls have girl scouts tonight, I need to get my butt in gear and get all this paperwork done.. sometimes my priorities are not set right... what do you think?