I made this bookmark as a replacement for the angle one I had sent before. I had put the old address of the recipient. I didn't want to make another angel so I chose my favorite bird, a peacock.
I made this bookmark for Tonya Atwood from The Stitcherhood yahoo group. I made it and sent off in March. I wasn't sure what to make her but figured with angels you can't go wrong.


My birthday stash :)

Sunday March 18th was my birthday and I got a bunch of things in the mail. I am in the yahoo group called:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/i-love-cross-stitch/ .  I am in the Birthday Floss club. We send each other floss on each person's birthday. I am also part of a Facebook group called: http://www.facebook.com/groups/121953211224187/ .  There is also a sign up for birthdays. I received so much floss, such pretty colors! I also loved all the cards! I had 2 that were hand stitched. One was a koala and her baby and the other was a little doggie with a rose. They are the first 2 handmade cards I have ever received! So they are pretty special :) I looooooovee good mail :) LOL. I am still getting goodies in the mail so after I have received everything I will take an updated pic. :)  Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeee


Family pictures

I came across this photographer off of Facebook that lived right down the road from me. Her Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/#!/squishy.photog she did an awesome job! I have not taken professional family pics of my girls since Natalie was about 1 1/2 years old. I always had an excuse that I looked to fat or I was pregnant. I think our pictures came out gorgeous! Here is my little family. I hope y'all enjoy :)


Natalie is a walking miracle.........

Natalie had an appoint yesterday with the hemo dr. We had been waiting on results from the genetics test. A few weeks back the docs told us that she didn't have any cancer cells in her blood but they were sure the cancer was dormant in her because its a recessive gene. Natalie was feeling tired and said that she felt something wasn't right. She has been taking 6MP and another medication as maintenance chemo. Well yesterday we saw Dr. O and she had wonderful news. Natalie is in remission and there are 0 cancer cells and the recessive gene has dissipated. Dr. O's exact words "you are a miracle in my 10 years of practicing I have no medical explanation for this, you need to write to the Vatican and petition for sainthood because we have no way to explain how this gene is gone."  How freaking awesome is that?? I want to thank everyone that has kept our family in your prayers. My mother has always said that Natalie is a walking miracle. Well by God we have proof. To all the Nay Sayers out there this is all I have to say: The power of prayer works and don't ever give up hope. God is good and he is there with us every step of the way.

I called to make an appointment for Natalie at Moffitt Cancer Center because she needs to get a bone marrow transplant. She needs to get one done right now that she is in remission because Dr. O says that the cancer will come back, because it has already came back 2 times. Jacqueline my youngest daughter is her exact match so thank God we don't have to worry about a donor. Hopefully they get back to me soon, because it's going to be a lengthy process.

All this seems surreal, in May we were told that Natalie would be dead within 6 months and now we get this awesome news. The weight I have carried on my shoulders has some what lifted. It is still there because I know the there is a long road ahead of us we still will be going through; hopefully soon. There are consequences; can be fatal consequences. Natalie is going to take that risk. She said she is doing it for her and for Adriana. I pray the Lord sees us through this and that this time next year I will be giving y'all great news on Natalie's progress. Please keep my family in your prayers as we have a long road ahead of us. Thank you all! I'll keep y'all posted

God Bless,


I need prayers for my daughter Natalie

I haven't posted in a few weeks. Things were hectic during the holidays. Well very few of you know, but my oldest daughter has been fighting ALL Leukemia since 11/03/2006. We found out last May that she is terminal. Yesterday we went to the doctor and there is 2 chemos that may work for her. They have horrific side effects and she may die in the process. Natalie is now 18 and can make her own decisions, so she is at a standstill as what to do. I am tore because I want her to get better, but I do not want her to die because of the chemo and her have to suffer for no reason. This is killing me inside and I do not know what to do. My aunt Sylvia told me today that I need to pray and that it will do wonders. Also that Natalie is still with us for a reason. I know this but it pisses me off that she has had to suffer for so long. I HATE it!! Words can not describe how we all feel. The only "cure" is for Natalie to get through this chemo then get a Bone Marrow transplant. Jacqueline me youngest daughter is a 100% match, but Natalie has a recessive gene that will not die. So this is why she has not been able to get the transplant. I need everyone to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep us in your prayers and that Natalie makes the right decision for her and Adriana. I do not want me granddaughter to grow up without her mama. I'm sorry to go on and on, but I feel that I am at a breaking point and this is really my only outlet. I can not get emotional in front of my girls, because they are already going through enough. Here is a pic of me and my big girl at her 18th birthday party.


Christmas exchange from Marl

I received my exchange on Tuesday. I got more stash....yeyah!  Lol. Thank you Marlene! Does take a long time to get mail from Canada. I know what I sent her took like 2 Weeks or so :/


New pic of me

I do not like to take pictures of me. So here is one of me at work. :)

Tweety bird

I made this Tweety angel to send in a Christmas card for a lady on my CAU list. This is the first year I signed up to do cards. My girls are going to help me. They have read some if the stories and realized they have it realy good. I think maybe now they will appreciate what they have just a little more.